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Updated: Mar 8, 2021

Welcome to mommy club-the best club around I might add! Finding out your pregnant is so exciting please know that I am praying for you and your little one for a safe and healthy journey. When I found out I had to make a baby registry with my first I had no idea where to even start. Three years later after having three kids I have found what I love and consider to be my essentials. Of course, every mother is different and we won't agree on everything so always do what you think is best for your sweet bundle of joy :)Like always I try to make these gift guides as simple and easy as possible so that you will be able to share it with others. This post contains amazon affiliate links. It doesn't cost you anymore but I could receive a small compensation if you use the links.

Teaching Tots Things is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.  Read more about these links in my disclosure policy.


  • Crib-my husband and both grandpa's actually built our crib so I don't have any recommendation on this one

  • This mattress is water resistant which I liked so I didn't have to put down one of those pee sheets

  • This monitor can have up to 4 cameras connected to it which is perfect if you have multiple kids or a play room which you'd like to check on your child while cooking a meals without disturbing them

  • This pack and play was what we used for all the kids instead of a bassinet in our room. Although it took up more space than just a normal bassinet I liked the idea of being able to use it for years to come

  • The on the go baby dome is worth every single penny. We used it all the time in the summer! Plus it takes up so much less space than a pack and play.

  • I love this sound machine so much! We have used it with all 3 of of children. You can turn it on/off through your phone. It has a dimming light which is great for middle of the night changing and feedings. We still use it for our 3 year old so that when the light turns green it is "ok to wake." This helps her stay in her room until it is time to come out. You can program it so if you have a babysitter it will automatically turn on/off so they don't have to try to figure it out.


We did disposable with our first and with our second I start to switch to cloth and I fell in love with it, which was something that I thought I would never say.


I breastfed all my babies, so I'm no help with formula

  • Daily probiotics have made a big difference in my children's digestive system especially when it is so immature when they are infants. I love this brand because it is natural and safe. I even take it and notice a difference in myself! My children LOVE the gummy daily multivitamin as well. We also use their Elderberry drops during flu season to help boost immune systems.


  • This duck thermometer was a lifesaver for my husband when he was on bath duty because it just reassured him the water was not too cold or hot for our first born.


  • Ok so I use to think these gowns were so hideous when I received these-like why not just put cute footie jammies on them all every night....because these make it easy that's why. BUT if you do decide to go down the footie jammie route whatever you do DO NOT by the button ones no one has time to do 100 buttons in the middle of the night nor does your child want to wait for you to do that while she is screaming for some food.

  • The zipadee zips were what we used for all the kids for the first year for a swaddle transition you can get fleece ones which are super nice and remind me of a soft blanket.



  • So my husband and I really didn't want to drill holes into our cabinets but we NEEDED locks on them because I was sick of having to wash my dishes before we use them. These magnetic locks were great! The best part is you can switch them to unlock and use the cabinets as normal and switch them back to locked and use the magnet to unlock them.

  • I love how this swing can go in multiple directions because let's be real no baby is the same. BUT I also really like that it can be removed and used as a rocker. (less space taken up!)

This of course isn't everything you need but these were things that I would recommend to every single mom to be. Many prayers and blessings for you and your little one:)


Sensory Bins

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