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All Teaching Tots Things activities require adult supervision 

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Yes, this includes boys too. Around 1 year is a great time to introduce a doll.

❤️As your child grows you will notice their play growing. At first they have been just been learning to hold baby or hug baby is now feeding, changing, and doing many things while holding baby (ya know they are always watching mama😉)

🧡There are so many language skills practiced. From saying one words to eventually explaining how to change a diaper.

💛This is a very hard concept for young children because they are still in the 'me stage' and often won't develop thinking of others until almost age 6 (every child is different) but practicing empathy when you are playing is a great way to teach your child how to be empathetic in the real world while they are playing with siblings and friends.

💚Your child will use many fine motor skills when changing diapers, swaddling, zipping onesies and spoon feeding babies.

💙Have your child find baby's belly then find her belly .

💜As your child is taking care of baby by herself she is practicing things that she will be able to do on her own with confidence like getting dressed, eating, brushing hair, etc.

I've included my favorite dolls that we have. They come in a variety of skin tones, different sizes, clothes to fit them, soft and have a magnet on the mouth for the pacifier and bottle to attach too. I love them and so do the kids!

*If you do order extra clothes make sure that you are getting the right sizes clothes for the doll.


Sensory Bins

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