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All Teaching Tots Things activities require adult supervision 

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

I'm going to start off with first things first....I hate junk a lot. First, I hate that people waste their money on them only for them to be played with a few times. Second, now these 'junk toys" are taking up space in my house that is already impossible to keep clean with a toddler. Awhile ago I had read something that said if a battery operated toy is shut off and your child doesn't play with it than it's a bad toy-it's so true!! I look back to all the toys my children have played with it is rarely ever the battery operated toys (maybe a few times) it's always the open ended toys. Your child will have a more creative and imaginative mine with open ended toys rather than the toys that "play for them" as I like to call them. Don't waste your money on toys that will only last a few months buy toys that will grow with them. Alright so now you are probably wondering what toys should I get? Check out the list below for some ideas.

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Pretend Play/Open Ended Toys/Misc.

*I know Melissa & Doug products seems speedy but I can promise you they are great quality and actually last. These are one of the only brand of toys that I recommend because I absolutely love them! (not sponsored)

Animal figurines are also a really good toy that can be used for years I personally really like the Safari LTD brand because they are good quality and I love the way the categories that they come together in. The tools that I have gotten are smaller so they do have a potential choking hazard if your child is still very mouthy but use your best judgment :) They do have bigger sizes if you would rather go that way to be safe.

Art Supplies

*Seriously we can't keep enough art supplies in our house. Take the supplies out and just let them go and create. They don't need step by step instructions to make a cute project just let them get creative!

Outside Play

Bath/Water Toys

Our Favorite Toddler Books


Sensory Bins

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