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I never thought I’d be a stay at home before I became pregnant with Briella, but here I am loving every single minute of it! I had just got done studying for 4 years at University of Mary majoring in early childhood and elementary education with a minor in special education.

I really debated about what I wanted to do-after all I didn’t want to just throw away countless hours of research for papers and endless lesson prep for nothing. After awhile of being home I realized after seeing all my former college friends start up their classroom as they began to teach that I really missed being able to teach and prepare lessons. Crazy right!?

It can be really easy to just sit around at home when your home everyday, but I really didn’t want that to be me. I got this crazy idea of why not share some fun educational activities with the world that I am doing with B. The purpose of Teaching Tots Things was to inspire and maybe help another mama or dada out there struggling to find activities that benefit their child as well. Thanks for your support and following along with us on this journey!


Pictured is my husband Tygh (pronounced Ty), my daughter Briella (3 years), my son Owen (20 months), my daughter Emma (3 months) and me Kylee :)

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