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All Teaching Tots Things activities require adult supervision 

Promote prewriting skills with this simple activity set up

This activity was inspired from the activity 'bring the bears home' by my favorite Instagram account Beth over @dayswithgrey she always has the best ideas!


  • counting bears (these are from Learning Resources)

  • Melissa and Doug paper roll

  • Crayola crayons

  • Scotch tape

How To:

  1. tape paper roll on each side

  2. draw "caves" on the right of the paper

  3. draw lines from left to right to match the caves ( I drew different types of lines to make it a little more fun)

  4. have your child follow the correct colored lines to the correct colored cave

Talk About It:

  • counting

  • "the bear travels up down up down"

  • colors

  • "What noise does a bear make?"

  • "Where do bears live?"