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All Teaching Tots Things activities require adult supervision 

I love kids and their ability to just go with their own pace but when I’m trying to be on time getting buckled up in the car seat at their own pace is something we simple don’t have time for 🙃Can I get an Amen!?😅

I’ve been doing this for a few week and it is a LIFESAVER having kids buckle themselves up in a timely matter. Here is how it started:

“Mom is going to be sooo surprised if everyone is buckled in the car before I get in there. It might shock me so much my body is going to do a silly dance because I would be sooo surprised. Gosh I sure hope I don’t do a silly dance because you buckled up and shocked me. I don’t want to do a silly dance…”

So right here I’ve set the stage of excitement in hopes the kids will pick up on it. They of course did because who wouldn’t want to see a silly dance 😜

As I’m getting things from the house as they are loading up I continue to repeat those phrases really emphasizing how I don’t want to do a silly dance but if they are all buckled up my body is going to make me do it. (Can you feel the anticipation too?!😅)

I get to my car and look in to go and tighten everyone and they are ALL buckled up 🙌🏻 so what happens next…

I shriek with shock throw my workout shoes I had in my hand in the air and wave and wiggle my arms and turn around in a circle. Pure amazing dance moves 👏🏻

The kids LOVED it! So now this is our thing if they SHOCK 😮 me by getting all buckled up before I get in the car I do a silly dance. Now there are ✌🏻 very important things to note to make this work.

☝🏻 The dance has to be silly. Half effort isn’t going to get you those repeated results. Get out of your comfort zone for your kids. It takes 5 SECONDS!! If I am able and time allows if I have something in my hand like a coat I will throw it up in the air to keep the excitement of the “game.” Then, as I’m tightening them I continue to say, “ I can’t believe you got me to do a silly dance because you all buckled ups and shocked me!”

✌🏻 The silly dance ONLY works if ALL kids are buckled up. Now I told them this was where they would need to work as a TEAM by encouraging and being helpful because some days not every will want to buckle.