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All Teaching Tots Things activities require adult supervision 

We have some “add on” bags at The Story Nook available some are colored rice others are themed bags.

The themed add on bags available at the moment are:





There are LOTS of different ways you can use this colored rice! Today I am gong to tell you 8 ways you can use it.

  1. Art-Have your child draw with glue (squeezing bottles is great for strengthening those hand muscles) then, “sprinkle” on the rice

  2. Draw shapes, letters, numbers, or practice spelling words by “writing” with the eraser side of the pencil, finger, or skinny paint brush

  3. Treasure Hunt- write letters or words on the bottom of your tray using expo markers. Put the written letters/words in a bag to pull out and find for some added fun. Tongs are great added bonus to this one!

  4. Scattered Puzzle-Put puzzle pieces and have your child find them and put the puzzle together. This is a fun way to introduce puzzles if your child isn’t a fan.

  5. Shake it- Fill up a clear bottle with colored rice to make music. Shake to the beat of the music or let your baby explore the rice safely through the bottle.

  6. Classifying- Have your child find different colored objects around the house to match the rice

  7. Volume & Measuring Practice- Use various containers to measure rice to discuss volume. Use a scale to compare different qualities of rice.

  8. First sensory- this is perfect your has never used a sensory bin simply grab a couple of spoons and cups and let your child explore with out all he added “fun” yet. using words like “empty” and “fun.” The pouring will help your child learn the simple life skill of pouring and filling up a glass for himself.Weighing and measuring using different containers


Sensory Bins

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