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Updated: Nov 11, 2020

Ok, this might have been the best thing I have done. Briella hasn't stopped talking about how excited she is about the "Art Cart" and it is the best! *cue mom's heart melting....

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So this is what I did I bought this cart and filled it with a bunch of art supplies! It gets rolled into our hallway closet after it is done being used that way I don't have a bunch of art things all over my table. It's a very good quality cart and wheels-HIGHLY RECOMMEND for your home or even classroom. Below I've included our cart and storage as well as items we have on our cart (we do get a lot of our things from the dollar store to keep crafting on the cheaper end but incase you aren't able to make it there I have included them below as well. Click on an image to be taken to a direct link.

In the closet she does have a small 3 drawer organizer of paper that she knows she is allowed to use too filled with the things below.

Here are some art supplies that are not on the cart but we use all the time as well.