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All Teaching Tots Things activities require adult supervision 

Contact paper is the perfect sticky mess free activity


  • contact paper

  • tissue paper

  • painters tape

How To:

  1. peel off the edge of the contact paper and put a piece of painters tape to secure it to the wall

  2. peel off the rest of the backing on the contact paper and secure the rest of the edges to the wall with painters tape

  3. let your child rip tissue paper and stick it to the contact paper

  4. OPTIONAL: you can cut your contact paper in a circle to make it the shape of an Earth

Talk About It:

  • colors

  • "rip" every time your child rips the paper

  • talk about the paper being sticky or grungy if you crumple the tissue paper

  • what lives on land/water

  • shape of the Earth


Sensory Bins

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