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All Teaching Tots Things activities require adult supervision 

Summer we go on a walk almost every single morning whether it’s to the park or the Sensory Garden.

These walks are my favorite way to connect with them while also just getting our body moving even if that means sometimes pushing the stroller weight limits and moms muscles to the max🤪

We ALWAYS bring a bucket because it never fails that we don’t find some “must need” flower/rock/leaf and the occasional live worm after a morning rain.

I want my kids to be very attentive to their surroundings now so that when they grow up they are already aware of what is right and what may feel unsafe.

We talk about all things nature that we hear and see but we also talk about the importance of staying safe.

1. When a biker is coming you stop and move over to the side and let them pass this keeps you and the biker safe because they may not see you before it’s too late and they are going fast and much bigger than you

2. We talk about the correct way traffic goes on sidewalks as a way to show respect to others outside enjoying nature and helping keep their bodies healthy

3. When we come to ANY type of cross road even if it’s just passing through a parking lot on the sidewalk I stop and ASK THEM if their is any cars and if it is safe for me to go. This allows them to start learning how to cross a road safely. Of course, I always check myself to make sure it is safe before we actually cross.

*As soon as your little one recognizes what a car is start asking them if it safe for you to cross and if they see any cars. Then, talk then through it.

“Oh no not safe. There is a car coming.”

“That was looks safe but the other side is not safe because I see a car. It’s important to check both ways”

“Yes, it is safe I see no cars coming”

What are some ways you teach safety at your kids?


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