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All Teaching Tots Things activities require adult supervision 

Read about what I think of both below.

I believe they are both needed because they both do have benefits I do believe in one more than the other though. What do you think?

Structured Art

  • practice following directions

  • learn new techniques

  • they may even feel a sense of accomplishment seeing their final product

Unstructured Art

  • Fosters creativity

  • please the child not the adult

  • No fear of failure

  • Open ended

  • child directed

If you do structured art here is what I would recommend :

  1. Give kids an option which one to do

  2. limit the amount you do

  3. if a child wants to change a piece let them

Giving your child time for unstructured art is a perfect way to help your child grow his/her love for art.

Tell me your kids favorite things to use for art?

Paint sticks and toilet paper rolls all the way over here 🙌🏻


Sensory Bins

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