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All Teaching Tots Things activities require adult supervision 

Change is a constant in life, sometimes God leads us down unexpected yet fulfilling paths. One thing that has always become abundantly clear to me-my family always comes first. As much as I am passionate about creating products for littles and sharing this motherhood journey I never want my loved ones to feel overshadowed by it.

As I take this leap into the world of exclusively online , I want to share the genuine reasons behind this decision. It's about finding balance that allows me to serve you and others effectively while ensuring my family's needs are met without work becoming a burden, specifically when i came to traveling and making bulk orders in a specific time frame.

The transition to online wasn't something I planned for so soon, but as they say, God leads us where we need to be, even if it's not in our timing. Stepping out of my comfort zone feels both nerve wracking and exciting. The work hours might look a little different now-early , late nights, or a day filled with behind-the-scenes work while my little ones play at Grandma's.

This journey is a mix of nervous about how the business will adapt and excitement for the growth, both in the business and personally. As someone passionate about self growth, I'm always seeking ways to improve and step into the person God has called me to be. Thank you for joining me on this new adventure, where every step is a testament to growth and embracing the unknown.

Below I hope you will find some questions answered and helpful links:

What about the bin?

The bin will not be shipped for two reasons. The first reason because it is too big to fit inside the box unfortunately and the second reason is because I have had big quantities of boxes shipped to my house and be completely shattered into pieces and I would be so sad if that happened to your shipment. This is what we use at our house for sensory play. We do have the table but we will often use just the bins.

If you are wanting just the bin here is the link for the collapsible bin with color options.