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All Teaching Tots Things activities require adult supervision 

A fun way to promote fine motor skills while using auditory senses.


  • counting bears

  • toilet paper roll

  • painters tape basket/bowl

  • aluminum foil

  • colored paper

  • tape

How To:

  1. put colored paper around toilet paper roll and secure it with tape (I used blue and read since those were the colors I was focusing on)

  2. secure TP rolls using painters tape on the wall

  3. cover basket/bowl with aluminum foil

  4. drop bears in TP rolls

Talk About It:

  • "woah" every time the bear was dropped (you can totally change it to a different words but this was the word we choose and Owen was moving to say it while we didi this activity)

  • sound a bear makes

  • colors

*Counting bears are a choking hazard always supervise your child while they learn and explore


Sensory Bins

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