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We’ve all heard it a million times: reading is good for kids. But what if they have no interest in reading? Here are some tips that have worked for our family:

1. Start them young

Incorporate reading into your bedtime routine. Grayson is 18 months old and LOVES sitting and reading books; he is always wanting more.

2. Find books about things they like

Include books that teach lessons and skills too, because it’s beneficial and enjoyable. The Ninja series and a Little Spot of serious are some of my favorites and kids when it comes to emotions.

3. Personalize the story

Change the name of the character in the book while reading. We got a book gifted to us where they included a picture of my kids as the character and they think it is the coolest thing that they are in a book.

4. Change the setting

Read on the couch, in mom and dad’s bed, outside, at the park, or under a blanket fort. Change is always fun and exciting!

5. Visit the library

This resource is often underutilized, but kids love picking out their own books, especially if they are old enough to have their own library card. It’s like your VIP with that card 🏅

6. Use different voices for characters

When reading dialogue, use different voices for different characters to make the story more engaging.

7. Be a reading role model

Kids imitate what they see. If they never see you reading for fun, why would they? I love telling the kids about what I’m reading in a way they can understand. But I also read only self-growth or faith books, so they always add value to my life instead of wasting my time.

What are you team books during the day ☀️ or books before bed 🌙??


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