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All Teaching Tots Things activities require adult supervision 

This is my favorite thing! The kids love how they can roll it over to the table and all of the things they need is it right there. Then, when they are done they roll it back into the closet. The "Art Cart" gives them full freedom to create whatever their little heart desires that day.

So I have created this one specifically for Breilla (3.5yr) I trust her with everything on this cart. Owen (2yr) has began to use it as well I do watch him a little bit closer because he is still learning how to responsibly use scissors and glue (mainly the glue..). The nice thing is you can create it for any age. I do keep a small area of paper in my "office" closet for them to use. I have it in a small 3 drawer but I plan to switch that to trays once the basement is finished. I will link both below for you though.

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I will share a closer up of what is on each tray but first I'll give you links to the cart and some of the containers keeping the art supplies organized.

Here is a look down and links for what I have on the cart for them to use.

First Tray

Second Tray

Third Tray

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