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All Teaching Tots Things activities require adult supervision 

What is an open ended toy?

An open ended toy is when a toy can function in multiple different ways. For example, blocks can be used to build various things where as the the jack in the box as one ability only.

What's the big deal?

These toys help promote creativity and learning while playing. Teachers I have often talked to have said that kids brain's now are constantly needing to be stimulated. If you think of a phone game/tv the picture and sound is constantly changing if that is something your child does they are going to be needing that amount of stimulation when that isn't on because that is what their brain is use to. Now I'm not saying that you can never watch tv or allow your child to play games but like everything moderation is best. Yes, there are days here we have tv all day but the days when the tv is barely on are the days my kids play the best together. Remember you are the parent you are in control of what your child has. Yes, they may throw a tantrum but they need to get their emotions out. It. Will. Pass.

If the toy is shut off and your child doesn't play with it. It's a bad toy. This is my rule of thumb when it coms to battery operated toys. I am not a fan of them because it isn't doing anything but help my child discover when you push a button a sound is made. Now I'm not saying all battery operated toys are bad but a very large part of them are. Don't get sucked into toys that are battery operated toys and try to promote "learning or educational" when the kids really aren't dong anything but push a button. Kids learn from doing. If you want your child to learn give them a book, blocks and animals, play a real board game with them, take them outside to explore, etc.

The best part about open ended toys you aren't wasting your money on toys that are going to last a couple months.

They grow with your child, as their brain develops their play becomes more complex. These are the toys that hold your child's attention for longer periods time because they are the one thinking of the next move.

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Below I have included some favorites. Please feel free to share with a family members and friends who are interested in getting your child a gift. Simply click on the image to be directed to the link.

Open Ended Toys We Love

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