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All Teaching Tots Things activities require adult supervision 

As a mother of 3 kids toys use to be one of my biggest nightmares, because it seemed impossible to constantly needing to manage them. If you are in need of some tips check out my post on clean up tips. Holidays and birthdays for three kids every piles up and it becomes overwhelming very fast. If you are like me and hate the clutter but want your house to be more meaningful play rather than meaningless play check out my blog post on open ended toys.

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Below you will find my top 5 toys that I believe are the best toys to promote creativity and imagination along with some add ons...

Play Kitchen

Children love doing what they see us doing.



Animal Figurines

Children love animals and what more fun then to bring in animal figurines to play with. They can rescue, fix, or take care of their animals.

I LOVE these animals from Safari LTD because they have the name of the animal engraved on the animal which is super nice for this mama who doesn't know the actual name of the animal sometimes AND the detail and paintings on them are BEAUTIFUL. They have all sorts of different "TOOBS" of animals to choose from.



Construction Vehicles

Children build and knock down structures, move animals or pom poms to a designated area, play in water, etc. The play is endless when it comes to trucks...yes even for girls.



Pretend Play

Children love playing doctor with dolls, stuffed animals, and even on each other.



Picasso Tiles

I LOVE LOVE these! If I could pick only one toy that my children could have it would be these hands down. The things you can do with them are endless.



Sensory Bins

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